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World Rowing Indoor Championships

Indoor rowing comes alive in this adrenaline-fueled spectacle across two days.

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Cape epic MTB Stage Race

A physically grueling and mentally demanding mountain bike multi-stage race set in South Africa's Western Cape region.

Race to willowmore

An electrifying non-stop, self-navigated mountain bike race from Cradock to Willowmore!  Conquering rugged terrains and traversing epic landscapes.


Race to Rhodes

An unforgettable biking expedition, venturing into the untamed wilderness from Pietermaritzburg to Rhodes (EC).

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Cableway Charity Challenge

From sunrise to sunset.

Climbing Table Mountain via Platteklip Gorge 7 Times.

Race to Paarl

A remarkable bike adventure from Willowmore to Paarl, where participants have a time limit of up to six days to successfully finish the ride.

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