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 Who Is Ingrid Avidon?

I was born the usual way, on a Wednesday, the youngest of four children.


The year was 1970. As a child and young adult I lived for ball sports, especially tennis and hockey.  But my soul became restless. I yearned for adventure. This was probably inevitable. My parents were descendants of the Voortrekkers and 1820 settlers, so the allure of hardship and suffering was bound to be embedded somewhere in my pre-frontal cortex. Naturally I vegetated to endurance sport, an activity as  inconsistent with my physiology as describing someone as pretty ugly. 

My quest to become an endurance athlete has been a journey of physical and emotional self-discovery. I continue to learn so much about myself and my life: both good and bad. On occasion I secretly wear my son's Spiderman suit and hope for strength and resilience. But probably more to hide and protect my weaknesses, fears, and vulnerabilities. 


At the age of 54 years old I am starting the process of embracing my imperfections and appreciating my strengths. I am starting to be Ingrid. Unapologetically real.  I invite you to share my self journey and many adventures. The highs and the lows. The success and the failure. I have some crazy things planned this year.  You are welcome to come push your boundaries alongside me, on your own unique journey of self-discovery, Or, just watch, laugh and learn as I take my middle-aged body on some badass, epic adventures. 


"A woman is like a teabag; you never know how strong it is until it's in hot water" - Eleanor Roosevelt.

What Keeps Me Up At Night:

I have always loved doing endurance events. In 2022 I completed a self-imposed challenge of 12 endurance challenges, one per month.  I called it my 12x12  Challenge. You can read about it under the 2022 tab. It is now done.  I hoped to show girls and women that anything is possible. During this year, I  learnt so much about myself by pushing my physical (and mental) boundaries. My self-growth, resilience and confidence as a woman living in South Africa has been liberating. My wish is that women in South Africa can also have the opportunity of self discovery and personal growth. Unfortunately, for many, entering endurance events is expensive which excludes so many women from participating. I continue to use my endurance challenges as a platform to raise enough money to enter less privileged women into sporting events. And to push my own boundaries.  

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