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The Hour Endurance Challenge


Lap Racing Redefined. Cycle 10km, on the hour, every hour, for 60 hours or until the last cyclist is left standing. Only time will tell where your limit is.




Anything is possible.

The Hour Endurance challenge involved cycling 10km on the hour every hour, for 60 hours, or until the last person was left standing. I found this challenge to be really hard, especially the night sections as I only had about 15min every hour to eat and sleep. It was also very cold lying on a thin matrass on a cement floor in an open dairy shed. The event music played continuously through the day and night, so I hardly slept. I did do a lot of thinking. This is the benefit of time spent in the endurance zone. I found myself trying to process the many questions and doubts lurking in the recesses of my brain. Soul searching will always bring your deepest desires, emotions and insecurities to the surface.


I did complain a lot. I often threatened to quit. Luckily, I have learned that my complaining and need to give up is just a side-effect of the emotional detox process. Fortunately, some of my close friends and family know me well. When I complain and threaten to stop they just nod and say: “Yes, I know it is hard, but if you quit, you fail’. Their 'tactics' always seem to work as I did finish my 60 hours. After 60 hours (600km) there were only two women left in the woman’s event: me and Elaine Beytell. This meant we had to race a sudden death lap; the winner takes all. I really did try my best on that last lap, but Elaine was just too fast, a worthy winner. I would not have managed to complete 61 hours if I did not have the support of my friends and family; they kept me going through some dark hours. 


Thanks to Tanja, Tim and Madelaine for joining me on the challenge. A big shout out to fellow Freedom Challenge racer, and friend, Mike Woolnough for also taking on the challenge. Mike finished second in the men's event (61 hours, 610km).   I managed to raise funds for Omphile Motaung, a 25- year-old woman from Bloemfontein, to ride in the Freedom Challenge Race Across South Africa (RASA), with me in June 2022. This is an extreme MTB race from Pietermaritzburg to Paarl. This will be the first time that a black woman has ridden in this event.        

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