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Some adventures and challenges on the radar.

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

"Enjoy your body, use it every way you can Don't be afraid of it or what other people think of it It's the greatest instrument you'll ever own" Baz Luhrmann Enough said. Life is too short to be ordinary... or normal....or fear failure. So here is a list of future challenges on the radar. Starting January 2022.

Everesting Run/walk challenge on Westcliff Steps (Johannesburg) (January 2022). The Everesting concept is brutally simple. I aim to run/walk/hobble up and down the Westcliff steps (60m ascent) until I accumulate the altitude of Mount Everest (8848m). No sleeping allowed. This is about 148 times. That is 148 times UP and 148 times DOWN. About 100km in total. Flip. Dusi Canoe Marathon (17-19 February 2022). The Dusi canoe marathon scares me. For obvious reasons. The rapids especially. But I will attempt this, luckily in a double with a very experienced paddler called Lee Fuller. Iron Man Port Elizabeth ( 3 April 2022). I have always enjoyed triathlon. I last did full Iron Man PE in about 2004. The spirit of the race was fantastic. Hopefully I will be able to go the distance. Freedom Challenge Extreme Triathlon Challenge (June 2022). As you can see my love for the Freedom Challenge is never ending. Many years ago David Waddilove, the founder of the Freedom Trail, set the extreme triathlon dream in motion. Once again a fiendishly simple task. First, run the Comrades Marathon (90km). The very next day you have to cycle the 2200km Freedom Challenge Mountain bike Race Across South Africa from Pietermaritzburg to Paarl. This can take anything from 16 days to 26 days. Then, on arrival in Paarl (give or take a few days depending on your cycling time), you have to paddle the four day Berg River Canoe Marathon (240km from Paarl to Veldrif). In 2022 the dates of these three events all align, so this challenge is written in the stars. I know that I can run. I know that I can cycle. But, can I cycle 2200km after running 90km? Oh yes, then there is the last little hurdle: the canoe marathon. Well, canoeing is certainly something that I have never done before. So best I get canoeing. With immediate effect.

Robben Island Open Water swim (August/September 2022). A 7.4km swim from Robben Island to Big Bay Beach in Bloubergstrand. Depending on my mood I might do this in a wet suit or without a wet suit. Or I might swim to Robben Island and then back again. Who knows. I might even just sit on the couch and drink wine and eat sweeties. The possibilities are endless. Rowing 100km on an indoor Concept 2 rowing ergometer (October 2022). I am new to Indoor rowing, but boy, is it a workout. The other day I tried doing 10km on the Indoor rower. It took about 50 minutes. It was tough. Especially on the bum, and upper body. And legs. And mind. But, I think that I am up to the challenge. I really hope so. Not sure about the bum though. My aim is to finish in under 12 hours.

Skyrun (November 2022). "The SkyRun 100 is unique in that it genuinely is a self-supported and self-navigated race. Athletes tackle the remote terrain of the Witteberg Mountain range with a map & a compass or a GPS unit and a backpack containing all their food, water and compulsory equipment. Enabling them to survive in this harsh environment while operating at an average elevation of 2200-2500 meters above sea level." Port Elizabeth to East London Surfiski race (December 2022). A 250km surfski race over 4 days. Definitely in a double surfski.

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