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Everesting @ Westcliff Stairs

Johannesburg, South Africa


According to the 'Everesting' site, "the most difficult climbing challenge in the world", 'Everesting' entails ascending, and descending, a flight of steps (or a hill) in one session, no sleep allowed, until the accumulated ascent is that of  Mount Everest (8848m).


Completed in

28 hours and 4 seconds.  

One step at a time.

The start of any journey always begins with the first step. This challenge was no different. The challenge was to walk/run up the 50m high Westcliff stairs 177 times, to accumulate an ascent of 8848m of elevation, and of course also descend them 177 times.


The only way to achieve this task was by taking one step at a time, one set at a time: small achievable milestones. Eventually one step became another step and one repeat became two, then five and then ten. Ten became twenty and twenty became fifty. Morning became afternoon and afternoon became evening. Day became night and the sun, as always, set in the West and did rise again in the East.


I learnt to trust and accept my body. Pain was inevitable, but not unexplainable. Mentally and physically the challenge was tough, but I received so much support and help from my team of helpers and visitors. In the dark moments they motivated me to push harder. I completed it in 28 hrs, and I managed to raise R12 000 to sponsor the entry of Omphile Motaung, a 25-year-old woman into the Race 2Willowmore, a Freedom Challenge mountain bike event, that formed part of my March Challenge.

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