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Race To Cradock

Rhodes to Cradock, Eastern Cape.  


A non-stop, self-navigated mountain bike race between Rhodes and Cradock - distance of 580km with 8300m of elevation. 



The weather did not play fair, or was it my genetics?   

The Race-to-Cradock is a 580km (8300m ascent) non-stop, extreme mountain bike race from Rhodes to Cradock. I have done this race before, so I knew what to expect. My goal was to break the women’s record of 60h08min. This did not happen, but I did finish the race in 3 days and 7 hours (79 hours).  I would like to blame the rain and mud for my lack of cycling speed.


However, in all honesty, I had to accept that I was just not sufficiently trained to really race the event. I am not a superhero: my 'non-endurance-friendly' genes do not translate into an accomplished endurance racer. From past experience I know that I need consistently focussed cycling training to really race this event.  This race was a lesson to embrace the reality of my limitations: I am not Spiderman. I am not even Superman. I am Ingrid.  I am alive, healthy and strong. That is more than enough. 


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