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13 Peaks
Table Mountain


YES! We did it. Three women (non-stop) on Table Mountain.  A 105km challenge with 6000m of elevation to tag 13 iconic peaks on Table Mountain.  


I was absolutely delighted to be joined by two inspirational women: Simone Sharpe and Erica Terblanche. 



21 August 2022 

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13 Peaks Challenge Table Mountain

This was a non-stop 110km challenge that involved running/walking/hiking on Table Mountain. The challenge was to tag (visit) the 13 peaks on Table Mountain. This challenge was initiated by Ryan Sandes. It is not a race, but a challenge to complete the route as quickly as possible and record your time (fastest known time, FKT). On the 21 November I completed this challenge with two inspirational women: Erica Terblanche and Simone Sharpe. We completed the challenge in under 38 hours.

post-challenge reflection

Today I feel like the luckiest person on the planet. I am so grateful. Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement. A challenge like this takes much planning. So many people gave up their time and energy to make this dream come true. Steve and Caitlin were absolute rock stars. Their love, care and energy was infectious. Steve spent his birthday seconding us. The food they provided was delicious! The coffee was hot. Leo and Gracie (the dogs) thanks for sharing your humans with us. Thanks to Anthony for holding down the fort and seconding the seconders. Thanks Jess, Abby, Luke and Katy Perry (the dog) for joining us at Hout Bay and Tafelberg Rd. Helen, thanks for your planning and  support. The spreadsheet was amazing. I am now able to successfully start my own wedding planning business. 

Erica and Simone. My two new friends. Or new two friends? Who knew. what adventure awaited us. What a challenge. We laughed,  talked and shared so many stories on that mountain.  Thank you for joining me. You are both such inspirational woman: kind, considerate, compassionate and generous. Real.  Not to mention super tough and tenacious. Simone took on a huge challenge. A leap of faith. It was tough: her knees were sore, her  blistered feet were agonising. But she just smiled and continued. Erica is a legend. Encouraging and supportive, knowledgeable and wise. Funny. A true leader. Down to earth. Modest and kind. She went on to run Comrades  a few days later.

Ladies it was wonderful to share the adventure with you. Happy Women's Month.


Lastly, thanks to mother nature for being kind. The weather was perfect. The scenery spectacular. 

My feet are sore but  my heart is full. 

(written the day after completing 13 Peaks non-stop)

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